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About me

I began my musical journey as a singer/songwriter in 2019 with the release of my debut single 'Handpicked Flowers' which peaked at Number 48 in the iTunes Pop Charts. Since then, I have released four singles and have an upcoming four-tracked EP titled 'Little Walks'. 

To fund my solo music I often busk along New Brighton Promenade, allowing for a chilled out interaction with passers-by who I love to speak to about my upcoming projects & their musical interests. I can't wait to get back to it post-lockdown!

As for gigging, aside from pubs, clubs, open mics & weddings - my only headline shows to date came at 81 Renshaw Street in 2018 & at Sound Basement in Liverpool in 2019. The first an acoustic solo show, and the latter a full band show - both had some of the most unforgettable experiences for me. 

Being from Liverpool, my love for song-writing and music is inspired mainly by The Beatles - however my love for the acoustic has sent my most recent releases into the stylistic direction of artists such as Jack Johnson & Jason Mraz.